(Prude ilustros kon
teksos parale, ke
renoves kontinual)

(Seriose e humorose
pensalos re pasato,
aktualo e futuro)


Tote populo
del mundo
in fokus !

Le lingua komun global

Benveni al fabriko pro le lingua moderne neutral,
ke tu skribe ke tu parla.
Bienvenido a la fábrica de un lenguaje moderno
neutral, que se escribe como usted habla. (spano)
Bienvenue ā l'usine moderne pour la langue neutre,
lequel vous écrivez que vous parlez. (franko)
Benvenuti alla fabbrica per la moderna lingua
neutrale, che si scrive come si parla. (italo)
Welcome to the factory for the modern neutral
language, which you write as you speak. (englo)
Willkommen in der Fabrik für die moderne neutrale
Sprache, die Sie schreiben, wie Sie sprechen. (germano)
Välkommen till fabriken för det moderna neutrala
språket, som du skriver som du talar. (svedo)

  Avante   (adreso, suporto...)



international in Svedia
nomo: Globalo Union 802420-2312
adreso: info(@) posto: Överborg 17
            SE- 780 53 Nås
banko: IBAN: SE545 0000 0000 5231 1035967
banko: SEB 5231-1035967
plusgiro: 86 68 86-5
Halo toto developo mented!
Hola a todos el desarrollo de mente!
Salut tout le développement d'esprit!
Ciao tutte sviluppo di mentalitā!
Hallo all development-minded!
Tag alle Entwicklung gesinnten!
Hej alla utvecklingssinnade!
Grasia por te partiso!

Salutos amikal;
Globalo Union
Gulle Forslund Svedia
Presidente interim
Idia nos spekta nove nesesos ta frasar nos; simple, rapide e global.
Hoy nos enfrentamos a nuevas necesidades de expresarnos; simple, rápida y en el mundo.
Aujourd'hui, nous sommes confrontés ā de nouveaux besoins de nous exprimer,
tout simplement, rapidement et dans le monde.
Oggi ci troviamo di fronte a nuove esigenze di esprimere noi stessi, semplicemente, rapidamente e nel mondo.
Today we face new needs to express ourselves; simply, quickly and globally.
Heute stehen wir vor neuen Bedürfnisse zum Ausdruck zu bringen uns, einfach, schnell und weltweit.
Idag står vi inför nya behov att uttrycka oss; enkelt, snabbt och globalt.

Dona te korigos, modifikos, proposos, komentos o alter suporto.
Dé a sus correcciones, modificaciones, propuestas, comentarios u otro tipo de apoyo.
Donnez ā vos corrections, modifications, propositions, commentaires ou autres services de soutien.
Lascia la tua correzioni, modifiche, proposte, osservazioni o altro supporto.
Give your corrections, changes, proposals, comments or other support.
Geben Sie Ihre Korrekturen, Änderungen, Vorschläge, Kommentare oder sonstige Unterstützung.
Ge dina rättelser, förändringar, förslag, kommentarer eller annat stöd.

Statutos     (primari a englo)

1. This non-profit organization is called "Globalo Union" and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The statutes will be available on the website, which will be written in several languages. The work will be carried out internationally, starting in the Nordic countries. The statutes can be amended by agreement at the annual meeting if change proposals are notified to the website one month before the meeting and if the proposals receive a majority vote of at least two thirds.

2. The scope of the association is to promote international communication by developing and launching common methods and media such as the internet and Globalo for learning, practice and usage of various foreign languages.

3. Membership is available to private individuals, companies and societies who pay a fixed fee and are sympathetic to the scope of the association. The first year of membership extends until the following year-end. Current conditions of membership - including fees and benefits - are discussed and published on the website.

4. The annual meeting is held every year in February and every member has one vote. In the January before the meeting, the time, place, the previous year's financial statement, the coming year's budget proposal and candidates for the committee and auditor from earlier surveys on our website are published at a separate link. The annual meeting elects the committee and auditor and decides on annual fees, membership benefits and the plan of work.

5. The committee shall during 2006 consist of at least three citizens resident in Sweden and a substitute for each of them, During 2007, the committee will be expanded to consist of at least five people from at least three different countries. The committee will meet via internet at least once quarterly. Decisions require agreement among at least three directors. The committee decides who may sign documents in the name of the association.

6. The members are strongly urged on our website to participate in the work and influence the development, teaching, launches and to visit the website every month and report their points of view on the work, which is reported regularly on the site. Members who participate in the work, sponsors and donors are invited to keep informed of the decisions of the committee and meeting minutes via a password-protected link.

7. The accounts period shall be a calendar year. The work of the committee will be examined by an auditor who is elected annually by the members at the annual meeting.
8. Donations shall be managed in funds which have shown good returns. If the donor has made stipulations on the use of the donation, the specified amount will be index-linked. If the donor expresses wishes that cannot be fulfilled, information shall be given to the donor to stipulate an alternative use of the money.

9. If the association is threatened with dissolution, the members, sponsors and donors shall be called to an extraordinary annual meeting to make decisions on assets and any possible reconstruction. The meeting invitation shall be distributed via email one month before the meeting.

Suporto     (primari a englo)

Make Globalo to your hobby
- Be part of "Le Globalo Grupo"
- Have new friends and a stimulating task
- Follow the daily work on the Internet

Be part of building the language
- Give proposals to grammar, word creating
- Give proposals to word order
- Give proposals to spelling, pronunciation
- Give proposals to words

Develop education material
- Start courses and learn yourself
- Translate courses, articles, website

Add interesting information
- Add your opinion
- Add information and links on the web
- Write comments with illustrations

Act in your country
- Inform friends, media, authorities
- Inform us about useful information, tips
- Spread information in schools, libraries
- Start a local association

Act in your way
- Add our web address to your website
- Join the executive board
- Be a donator to one or several projects
- Make music with Globalo lyrics
- Start own website, blog, web magazine
- Improve this websites or other things
You do not need to be a linguists
You can contribute even if you only speak
your mother tongue. Globalo needs people of
all kinds, old and young, in all countries

You can remain anonymous
Use a pseudonym if you prefer that

Inform friends, politicians and media
Send a short e-mail with our webaddress.
You can also copy from your browser window an address to a special suitable site in to your mail.

Write in globalo already today
Here is an example for a e-mail;

subject; Informo interesante

Kar amikes!
Stude; e
Amikale eposta esta informo ad 10 persones.

Salutos amikal; (te nomo= your name)

Partisi in le developo entral voluntares a internet.
Participar en el desarrollo entre volutaries en Internet.
Participer au développement entre volutaries sur Internet.
Partecipare allo sviluppo tra volutaries su Internet.

Participate in the development among volutaries on the Internet.
Mitmachen bei der Entwicklung unter volutaries im Internet.
Delta i utvecklingen bland volontärer på Internet.

Globalo vide in le spiglo futural (globalo)
Globalo ver en el futuro espejo (spano)
Globalo regarder dans le miroir de l'avenir (franko)
Globalo vedere, in futuro, specchio (italo)

Globalo looks in the future mirror (englo)
Globalo Blick in die Zukunft Spiegel (germano)
Globalo tittar i framtidens spegel (svedo)

Benveni !

Fasil metodo ta komentar e korigar

1. Kopia le vebsito a un komposaro, samplo MS Word.
2. Fase te korigos e proposos kon koloro blaue o rubie.
3. Akumula le fil e aneksa el a te eposto

1. Copiar la página web a un compositor, por ejemplo MS Word.
2. Hacer sus correcciones y propuestas con el color azul o rojo.
3. Guarde el archivo y adjuntarlo a su correo electrķnico

1. Copiez le site ā un compositeur, par exemple MS Word.
2. Faites vos propositions de corrections et de bleu ou de couleur rouge.
3. Enregistrez le fichier et le joindre ā votre email

1. Copiez le site ā un compositeur, par exemple MS Word.
2. Faites vos propositions de corrections et de bleu ou de couleur rouge.
3. Enregistrez le fichier et le joindre ā votre email

1. Copy the website to a composer, for example MS Word.
2. Make your corrections and proposals with blue or red colour.
3. Save the file and attach it to your email

1. Kopieren Sie die Website zu einem Komponisten, zum Beispiel MS Word.
2. Machen Sie Ihre Korrekturen und Vorschläge mit blauer oder roter Farbe.
3. Speichern Sie die Datei und hängen Sie es an Ihre E-Mail

1. Kopiera hemsidan till en ordbehandlare, exempelvis MS Word.
2. Gör dina ändringar och förslag med blå eller röd färg.
3. Spara filen och bifoga den till din e-post

Nove kontaktos stimula!

Obte nove amikes in tote mundopartes via globalo (globalo)
Consigue nuevos amigos en todas partes del mundo a través de Globalo (spano)
Obtenez de nouveaux amis dans toutes les régions du monde par Globalo (franko)
Scarica nuovi amici in tutte le parti del mondo via Globalo (italo)

Get new friends in all parts of the world via Globalo (englo)
Holen Sie sich neue Freunde in allen Teilen der Welt über Globalo (germano)
Skaffa nya vänner i alla världsdelar via Globalo (svedo)

Agenda     (primari a englo)

1. Make a first agreement about
- alphabet, grammar, affixes, keywords,
derivation and pronunciation based on
the 2000 most usual words;

A lot of work
has to be done,
just now following;
- alphabet, grammar, keywords, affixes
- 10 school lessons in English
- 2000 words Globalo - Swedish
- 2000 words Globalo - English will follow
- international words from the dataworld
- international words from Japan
- international words from Russia
- international words from music world
- international words from medicine world
2. Presentation on the Internet with ..
- arguments for this auxiliary language
- examples of talks and songs
- recommendations from several countries

3. Launching of Globalo
- Translate the course to Spanish, German, Japanese, Arabic
- Translate and make new lyrics and songs in Globalo
- Improve the Internet presentation with videos and speaking text
- Make a small weekly Internet magazine including talks and songs
- Write different articles for media in several countries
- Send email to media and presumptive supporters - sponsors
- Make products to enclose the promotion material
- Open a channel for chat, email and talk with web camera

Bonime developo via ekseros praktik
Mejor desarrollo a través de ejercicios prácticos
Meilleur développement grâce ā des exercices pratiques
Miglior sviluppo attraverso esercitazioni pratiche

Best development through practical exercises
Beste Entwicklung durch praktische Übungen
Bästa utveckling via praktiska övningar

Un blog dominoal?
- linguas
- humoros
- gravos
- surprisos
- bele fotos
- advisos
- salutos
Ano 2009 ese tempe ta startar un blog ke gania le promoto e le eduko.
Ta obter un selbdifunde domino efekto komposas omne semana
global novas, problemas e humoros ab ilustros e teksos parale

En 2009, es el momento de iniciar un blog que beneficiará a la comercializaciķn y la
educaciķn. Con el fin de tener un efecto dominķ dispersarse componer cada semana mundial
de noticias, los problemas y las unidades de las imágenes divertidas y paralelas de texto.

En 2009, il est temps de commencer un blog qui profitera ā la commercialisation et de
l'éducation. Afin d'avoir un effet domino se répandre composer chaque semaine
actualité mondiale, les problčmes et les unités de drôles d'images et de textes parallčles.

Nel 2009, č il momento di iniziare un blog che andrā a beneficio della commercializzazione e
l'istruzione. Al fine di avere un "effetto domino" si diffonde comporre ogni settimana
globale di notizie, i problemi e le unitā di divertenti immagini e testo parallelo.

In 2009, it is time to start a blog which will benefit the marketing and education.
In order to have a domino effect spreading itself compose each week
global news, problems and funny units of images and parallel text.

Im Jahr 2009, ist es an der Zeit, eine Blog die sich positiv auf den Verkehr und Bildung.
Um einen Domino-Effekt Verbreitungsroutine selbst komponieren jede Woche
Global News, Probleme und lustige Stück von Bildern und Text parallel.

År 2009 är det dags att starta en blogg som gagnar marknadsföringen och utbildningen.
I syfte att få en självspridande domino effekt komponeras varje vecka
globala nyheter, problem och lustigheter av bilder och parallell-texter.

Multo opinos, advisos e humoro in le Blog e le Salutos



(Prude ilustros kon
teksos parale, ke
renoves kontinual)

(Seriose e humorose
pensalos re pasato,
aktualo e futuro)
Aperi te okulos!
Abra los ojos!
Ouvrir vos yeux!
Aprire i suoi occhi!

Open your eyes!
Offen Ihre Augen!
Öppna dina ögon!

No monstra esta ad parve pueres! (globalo)
No mostrar a los niņos pequeņos! (spano)
Ne pas montrer ā de jeunes enfants! (franko)
Non mostrare questo ai bambini! (italo)

Do not show this to young children! (englo)
Sie zeigen, dies nicht für kleine Kinder! (germano)
Visa inte detta till små barn! (svedo)